19 month old is a climber!! Help!

  • My daughter is very adventurous.  She climbs on the couch, chairs, our bed etc.  she will get on the chair next to couch and she scales over the arm of the couch and plops down laughing.  She moves so quick! She try's to scale her high chair, toy box or anything else (including me). Any one have advice on how to safely limit her mountain climbing expeditions?  We put away the coffee table and ottoman which never were a problem until this climbing faze.  We can't get rid of all the furniture! LoL!! I am afraid she's going to get hurt.  When she's at the park she's more shy and doesn't climb near as much as at home. 

  • Oh gosh it sounds like she has hit the age where she needs to live in a nice padded bubble!  Since we can't do that I think you have done the right thing by putting away furniture on which she could really hurt herself.  I'd sugget takinga  good luck at everything in your house and putting other things away, just for right now, that she could hurt herself on.  The other thing, as hard as this is, is that you going to have to watch her.  You can reward good behavior, but i know it hard to do this 24 hours a day, PLUS she might not totally uderstand at her age sending you thought of a bump and burise free child,


  • Goodness! I've heard that sometimes the main task of parenting in toddlerhood is just to get them through it alive! They seem to just have no fear at times. If there is any way you can block the couch with overturned chairs or something, sometimes that can deter kids a bit. However, it's probably just going to be a time of life where you have to keep your eyes peeled and continue to tell her what her boundaries are. If you need to be busy for some reason, consider using a play yard of some sort with toys in it to keep her confined and safe. Good luck!!

  • It is hard to keep children from being hurt...especially the adventurous and curious ones. Keep reinforcing that it is not safe to climb and that if she wants to climb, you can go outside or to a playground. Since she is 19 months, you could start trying to engage her in different activities throughout the day to keep her busy===maybe play dough for 30 minutes, coloring for another 20 minutes in her high chair. Let her help you rake leaves, etc....a busy child is one that is not getting into trouble!!! LOL! Good luck and let us know what works for you!

    Oh and she may benefit from a gymnastics class during the week!!!

  • It sounds like you have a lot of people here who can relate to your climbing baby!  How are things going since you first posted?


  • My three year old has the same issue since she was about the age of yours. She climbs dressers and other furniture. Make sure that you have your large furniture such as dressers, desks and other climbable heavy stuff secured to the wall. I have heard horror stories of children climbing dressers and pulling them on top of them. Maybe getting your daughter enrolled in gymnastics type classes for girls her age is a way for her to begin to use this energy in a safe place. Our daughter took to tumbling classes at around 2 years, and is advanced in gymnastics now. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for constant supervision and some prayers to keep her safe when you turn your head! Good luck!