trying sippy cups

  • i have a 2 yr old that will only take a bottle and will only drink milk ive tried many thing to get him off the bottle and to drink something other than milk and anwser for me thanks

  • There are many "models" of sippy cups these days.  There are the traditional sippy cups, then ones with straws, different patterns and colors.  I'd suggest bringing home a sippy cup and cutting him off from the bottle.  He is still going to want it, but if the only option for milk is from a sippy cup he will eventually drink from it.  At 2 years old he is to old for a bottle, and if you don't change now it's not going to happen any easier at 3years old.  I also want to just check in on the milk.  You need to try to limit him to 24 oz/3 cups per day as more milk than that can cause significant anemias.  I know this is hard stuff, so hang in there.  Please reply or start a new post if you need help, we are here to support and help you!


  • I agree with Jess_BabyRN, there are so many different types of sippy cups and many of them have a soft spout which makes it easier to transition from a bottle. Try those first, before you get the hard sippy cups. Will he drink water? Sometimes you can put water in a cup and kids will drink it. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  • I have found that many kids will use a straw sippy cup but not one with a spout when they still love their bottles. Try a straw cup or a regular one and just be prepared to stand firm and give water to your little one when they are thirsty. They may throw a fit but you are in control of what they can drink, so hang in there!!

  • Agreed with Jess... this is a habit that needs to end. If he is thirsty enough, he will drink water or even juice from a sippy cup. Check with your doc to see when you need to intervene if he is not drinking at all, but it has been my experience that they will adapt from thirst when needed. Maybe try a cracy straw or something to gain his interest?