Nature TV

  • There are many programs on television today that celebrate the vast and diverse assortment of living creatures on our planet. My young daughters sit fascinated watching creatures like lions, crocodiles and snakes in the wild and I feel it is good educational TV. However, when watching these programs, inevitably there are scenes of hunting and capturing prey which can be quite violent and graphic. My instinct is to change the channel but is it too early for children to learn from these images? Will they scare my children? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Hello Again, I have done my best at not replying to the posts on this site (Between me and the mods), however i do keep up with all of the moms and dads who i have come to respect and admire. As i was looking through the posts i came across this one and had to reply. Chris, you are one of the dads that i have definitely come to respect throughout my readings. You bring to the boards a vast amount of common sense and helpful advice. Anyhow on this topic I must say to go with your instincts, you are a wise dad and seem to know what is best for your girls. If you feel the program is becoming too graphic for the little ones and may scare them then by all means you should change the channel. That being said violence on the national geographic channel can be much different than the action packed films that are becoming increasingly more violent and filled with drug use and prostitution among other things. I don't necessarily see it as violence as much as the struggle of living in the wild. I intend to teach my own daughter that while animals in the wild do have to kill for their food to stay alive, they do not take more than they need and do not just kill for the fun of it (well most species, but that's besides the point). The process may be graphic, violent, bloody, but i feel that it is important to teach our children about wildlife, how they live and how to help preserve their habitats for the future. It may seem like a small part of life, but there are great lessons to be learned from watching how nature works. anyway that's my piece.

  • Brinny thanks so much for your kind words! The respect of fellow parents on the boards is very flattering and we all just try to do our best! Like you, there are a number of parents who tend to have tremendous insight and unique perspectives regarding the major and minor issues we experience as parents. You are one of those moms for whom I have a great deal of respect. The nature TV issue has been settled in my house... my wife doesn't like to see prey animals killed by hunting animals, so that settles it! We have to wait until they're a little older! Thanks again for the flattering comments Brinny... your daughter is adorable!


  • I agree Brittany, there is a lot to be learned from nature and some of those lessons are not too difficult to start learning at an early age. If some of these shows show nature in a scary way, then I wouldn't do those types of shows (i.e. World's Deadliest Creatures), but watching a lion take down a gazelle is okay. I just told my kids that the lion's babies have to eat too....this seems to put things into perspective for them.