Playing with doors

  • Our middle daughter loves following her older sister everywhere, including into her bedroom and into the bathroom. At times, this leads to a struggle at the doorway. As most parents do, I fear that one of them will lose a finger in a tussle at the doorway. Beyond constant supervision and reprimands to both of them when they play with doors, does anyone have a better suggestion?-- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Oh Lord... Your girls are pretty young, but your 5 year old should definitely be able to understand not to shut the door on her little sister which is 2??? Not to say that children always do as their told. I know that if i were in the same situation i'd tell Hazel that if she did it one more time she's loosing her bedroom door until she can earn it back... and i'd tell the younger one that if she can't leave her sister alone when she says not to follow her then she goes to time out  or looses something she's fond of... or looses a sticker off of a sticker chart... something along those lines so that they know you're not just bluffing. hopefully it'll only take once or twice of following through before they start to straighten up. This definitely won't be the first battle the two of them will have. I have 3 sisters and i can tell you that we were best friends as small children and somewhere around 7-8 we turned on each other until we were about 17 or so. I can remember an instance when i wouldn't let my sister wear a pair of my jeans to school and she launched a hairbrush down the hall at my bedroom door...Now we're best friends again and i'd do anything for my younger sister. Good luck.... Have you found out what you're fourth is yet?

  • Great advice Brinny... the problem I have is that all three of them want to be first in everything they do... in the car, in bed, at the dinner table and they are going to get seriously hurt. My recent solution is to reward the child who is LAST! That has been working for now, so let's see how long it takes for that to unravel! We were surprised with our previous three babies, and we are committed to sticking to the plan! However I must confess my wife and I were staring at the ultrasounds trying to find clues! We laughed at ourselves because we were trying to cheat, when we just could have found out. But we have been blessed with three healthy babies not finding out, so we are trying not to jinx ourselves!

  • I was laughing as i read that hahahah... i like the idea of rewarding the child that is last in this situation. maybe it will get them in the habit of slowing down a little. I can agree that being surprised is a good way to go. We found out that we were having a girl before Hazel was born, but we have agreed on future children that we are going to let it be a surprise. There are so few real surprises left in this world.