2 year old hates baths

  • My bath and water loving two year old now hates getting in the tub. He screams and cries and never wants to play. Has anyone else had this happen? How did you help your kid calm down about bath time? -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • My kids never hated bathtime, but I have heard of others who did. Try introducing some fun and NEW tub toys or bath tub crayons, bubbles, or even coloring the water with a drop of food coloring may make it more exciting looking! 

  • I agree with Mommyrn4, there are so many great bath toys out there right now.  I just saw those bath time crayons at the store last week.  They look like a lot of fun!  Then there are other toys and games, dolls, ect.  The bathtub can become an entire playroom of it's own!


  • I'll have to give those crayons, etc. a try. I think what happened is we went to the ocean and the big, roaring waves scared him a bit and now water in general is scary. Never thought of that when we went to the beach!! :-/ 

  • Aw it is so hard to predict how kids will react to certain situations. It is a shame that a trip to the beach has scared him so much :I Hang in there!