Cartoons and TV Time

  • Sometimes it feels like I can only get things done around the house if my kids are occupied watching cartoons and TV. I try to limit their TV time, but it is really hard. How do you get things done around the house without putting your kids in front of the TV all day? Any helpful or fun tricks? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • My brother sister and I were always sent outside to play, or if it was too cold or there was bad weather we had a room dedicated to toys. Lincoln logs, leggos, coloring books, dolls, action figures... I'm not sure how old your children are but we were given cheap cameras so that we could go explore outside and take photos. Granted they weren't very good, but it was always a lot of fun and made us feel grown up being allowed to take photos. Now with digital cameras being more affordable you could also save on developing. Anyway i'm sure if you simply tell them no tv they will redirect their attention elsewhere after some protesting, but it will eventually become second nature.

  • I think it depends a lot on how old the kids are.  I think that having a chore chart as soon as they are old enough and so all the kids are helping out can make a difference.  Also I heard one mom on here talk about games that she played to do picking up with kids help.  Some examples she gave were playing fun music and by the time the music was over the toys had to be picked up.  For mom's with younger kiddos my best friend packed her youngest in a sling and then baby backpack while she did dishes and cleaned.  We have some creative moms out there!


  • MommyRN4, I did not allow my kid to watch too much TV at her age. Sometimes too much watching TV is a bad influence because she follows what she had seen in the TV. But then there are shows that teaches a good lesson that's why I choose the best time for her to watch TV but of course I let her watch TV when I'm with her to answers some of her questions.