Finger chewing

  • My daughter just turned 2 and has gotten into the habit of having her fingers in her mouth constantly.  I tell her to take them out, she does, and I turn around 30 seconds later and they're back in again.  I'm wondering if she might be getting her secondary molars and finger chewing soothes the gum soreness (though I haven't noticed any other signs of teething, and of course she won't let me look in her mouth).  Her poor little fingers and hands are getting all red from being chewed on so much and her lips are starting to chap from the excess saliva on her hands.  Any advice for getting her to keep her hands out, and maybe something else to soothe her gums?


  • She may very well be getting her molars. I wouldn't worry too much, just encourage her to keep her hands out of her mouth and give her lots of proper things to chew on that will give her oral stimulation--like bagel pieces. You can also talk to her doctor if you think she is in a little bit of discomfort or if her hands get too red. Hopefully, this will pass soon, if not then you may have to put gloves on her!

  • Hi-

    First of all you have the cutest profile picture ever.  Is that your daughter?  She is ADORABLE!!!!  To answer you question she may very well be teething.  You could try giving her something to replace finger chewing with to help with those teeth.  One thing many babies do well with is frozen or cold wash clothes.  Just get one a bit wet and put it in the freezer until good and cold.  This seems to provide a lot of relief.  Any kind of teething ring will also be helpful.  Let us know how she is doing,


  • Thanks for the advice guys!  I'll try offering her something else to chew on and see if it makes it any better.  I'll let you know how it goes!

    And Jess--yes, that is my daughter!  It's a really old picture though.  I think she's about 1 in that picture and she turned 2 a few weeks ago.  She's still just as cute though :)  Thanks for the compliment!

  • I agree with the others, Lately i've been experiencing the same thing with Hazel and her doctor has confirmed that she is getting the first of her molars. Wet wash cloths work well, but what i think has been the best is baby pop cycles. I've been taking the lid to my doc brown bottles and filling it to the ridge with whatever liquid i want to make a pop cycle out of then putting one of those fruit sacks on a ring for babies upside down in it and freezing it all together. When it comes out you get a small pop cycle without a stick for the babies that are still too young for regular pop cycles. When she first started teething i put just water in it, but recently we've been doing lemon pops and she loves them.

  • Oh the lemon pops sound great!  Thanks for the practical advice Brinny!


  • Great advice everyone! And I agree, the pic of your daughter is precious!

  • Before, every time I see my child putting her hands on her mouth I always take her hands off her mouth until such time that she alone stop putting her hands on her mouth.