Mixed Signals on Potty Training

  • I'm really wanting to potty train my 2 year old. I have one other child who is 10 months and am expecting my 3rd in June. I know potty training is usually the childs chioce when they want to start. The thing is my daughter acts like she's tired of diapers because everytime I turn around she's taking off her diaper almost instantly after she pees or poops. I ask her constantly if she has to potty, usually when a few moments after she drinks or eats. She'll either tell me yes and she'll be sitting on the potty for almost a half hour with no effect or tell me no and potty minutes later either in a diaper or on the floor. I try to encourage her with things like music, stickers, crayons and coloring book, or other things that she enjoys but it mostly becomes a thing of her seeming to ask me why she has to use the potty in order to recieve those things. I take her with me to the potty to let her know it's ok, that mommy does it too. I run water to help. I even hold my 10 month old over the potty until he goes to show her that even her brother can do it. Am I doing something wrong? Why am I feeling like she's giving me mixed signals when it comes to using the potty?? I don't think my mop can take much more!! Help please!!!!



  •  think that maybe either she's not ready which doesn't sound like the case judging from what you wrote. or maybe you should remove the diapers/ training pants and put her in panties. When she potties in them she will feel gross and might be more inclined to use the toilet. especially after she understands that the toilet will keep her from feeling gross.  Also do you have a training potty for her. I have read that some children are afraid of heights or the big potty, so maybe a training one would work for her. One last idea is to give her lots to drink and  take her to the bathroom often (every 20 minutes or so from what i have been reading) when you take the diapers/training pants away. Just say come on lets try to potty. if she doesn't have to go then that's ok... if she does then lots of praise is in order. If she doesn't go then potties in her pants, just take her to the bathroom and clean her up and let her know that she needs to go potty in the toilet, not her pants. then try again next time.

  • Potty training is tough... Both of my older kids became potty trained when they were closer to 3... I worry about traumatizing them while trying to potty early on making it a bigger thing to them than it already is. Maybe try to transition to a pull up, read the potty training books and try to show her things like really cute underwear that she can wear when she becomes trained. The truth is however that she is more than likely going to do it when she is ready. Good luck and sorry if I don't have a magic solution here.... I can tell you are a bit stressed over this!

  • I hate to say it, but when she is ready she will be ready.  She also probably feels that things are changing with another baby on the way and when stressed children often regress, so that makes it even harder.  This has to be her thing or it's not going to happen, so if you take a step back she might take a step forward.  Just a thought,