Planning a 2 year old birthday party

  • At 2 years old, I think that they are too little to have big parties at Chuck E Cheese and such, so we usually opt for a family party at home. What are some fun 2 year old birthday themes? I am starting to run out of unique ideas! -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I think you're totally right about chuck e cheese. I would definitely suggest keeping it simple to what the child really wants. For my 2 year old last year, we decided to give her things that she simply enjoys. Lots of balloons, music, and we gave her a pull string pinata which did end up being a huge hit. We even had a family member pains stars and rainbows (simple things) on faces and she seemed to love it and still talks about it. Good luck!!!

  • I can agree with going with things that your child likes. Maybe theme it after a favorite cartoon, book... maybe have birthday hats, poppers, or the Kazoo noise makers that kids seem to love. 

  • At age 2, the child can appreciate simple things just like having a lot of balloons, party hats and toys.Your child is beginning to move out into the world and have his or her own little social life

  • My little boy LOVES sports, so for his 2 year old party we rented the gym of a local school. They didn't charge us much for it and we invited friends and family and threw out all the balls, hoops, etc. and let the kids run around with the adults had some snacks. They also joined in the fun and it was one big gym activity time. :-) Simple but easy! (If it was summer, I'd have done the same thing at a local park!)

  • I love all these fun ideas!  Is there anything in particular that your kiddo really loves? Stay simple!