Potty Training Regression—What to do?

  • My three year old is potty trained, but lately he has started regressing and having accidents. I don't know why he is regressing, but he seems to be fine physically. Is there something I can do to help him get over this glitch and stay potty trained? --Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • 2 steps forward one step back... I think that's just the way things go sometimes. i would say keep at it and maybe find a new tactic to encourage and reward him.

  • MommyRN4, Brinny is right it takes a new tactic to encourage your baby.  

  • I agree with Brinny, positive reinforcement.  Sticker chart perhaps?!  Keep us posted! :)


  • Did things get better for you? Hope so!!

  • Yes, things are a lot better--although he still can not pull his underwear up by himself or get his pants down. I still have to help him a lot but I am hoping that the warmer weather will allow us to wear shorts which may be easier for him to use. 

  • Glad to hear that things are going better!  :)  Jess