Posing For Photos

  • If you are like me, every occasion is a great occasion for taking photos. The electronic age has made photographers out of most every parent I know. In recent months, our oldest daughter won’t sit for a nice photo without making silly faces or looking away at the last minute. A few dozen of these photos are fine, but this is happening for just about every picture and it is really frustrating! Am I overreacting? --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I don't think you're completely over reacting. I however am some what of a "natural" photographer and HATE!!!!! posing. In my opinion people especially children do not look natural or as happy in a photo that they pose for and someone says sit here and look over here and put your hands here and smile like this.... When i do portraits i more or less point someone in a mildly specific direction like "stand/ sit over there". they can sit by whomever they want so long as they are visible in the photo and do whatever they want, because it is more them ... for adults you can say mile, but for children i have found it easiest to tell jokes to get a genuine smile. I tend to love the photos where i can capture the personality of my subject vs the photo that simply shows how pretty they are if that makes any sense. When i'm taking photos of children i'm sure i look like the biggest clown, but it's all about capturing the moment and who the child is. so i say if you daughter is into making faces and isn't smiling for the camera as much as you want then have fun with it and remember this is a phase she is going through and you will have a million photos to remember this part of who she is. to get more smiles try making funny faces back and cracking some jokes. the bigger deal you make of her smiling for the camera the less chance you are going to have of her actually smiling.

  • Thanks Brinny... you always have a way of making these problems not seem so big. I guess I don't mean "posing" in a traditional sense. But my kids have great smiles and I don't want to see just the same goofy faces all the time... although even those pics are cute!

  • Try compromising with her. Tell her that if she sits really still and gives Daddy her best smile for the first few pictures, you will let her pose for a really crazy silly picture at the end. That might work and gives her something to look forward to.

  • My son is doing the same - I keep begging him to stop making goofy faces but it doesn't work! I'm going to try MommyRN4's idea. :-p