Climbing out of the crib

  • Last night my daughter (almost 13 months) was throwing her usual tantrum at bed time so as always i left her in her crib to cry a few minutes so she can put things in "perspective".... anyhow i was out of her room for maybe 4 minutes before going back in. when i entered her room she was straddling the front rail of her crib trying to climb out.. all she had to do is shift her weight and she would have fallen. How old were your children when they started to climb out of their cribs and how did you keep them from doing it? I will definitely be moving her bed to the lowest position which is only 2 inches lower than it is now, but i don't think that is going to stop her.

  • This is a crap shoot and depends on each kid. My oldest likely would have stayed in the crib until she was 5! My second climbed out at about the same age as your daughter. Now my third is 2 and she has only started to climb to the rail over the past month, but has never gone over. We have taken precaution to line the outside area of her crib with pillows to help in the possibility of a fall, but you need to be careful and carefully monitor her especially when she is throwing a tantrum. It's certainly a little unnerving!

  • Yikes! She is a mover!! Do you have crib bumpers or anything in the crib that she can stand on? I'd remove those for sure. I don't  have a lot of great experience in this area - my little guy never did climb out of his crib and even still calls for me to officially lift him out of his toddler bed at age 3! Hahah! Hopefully other people can give you some good advice!! My youngest little boy seems to be the exact opposite and I'll need all the advice I can get! 

  • This is a bummer as cribs are such a safe place for our little ones to cry it out as well as to sleep.  I'd certainly do whatever you have to do to put her in a safe place.  Maybe time for a toddler bed with a baby gate to her room.  I'm curious what others have done.  I'd just safe safety is the priority.


  • Make sure your bed is the lowest it can go and then be sure she doesn't have anything to stand on. It could've been just a one time thing, but if you catch her climbing out again, it may be time for a toddler bed. If you do get a toddler bed, be sure all the furniture is secured to the wall and that the room is baby proof before getting the new bed. You can use a baby gate to keep her safely in her room at night. Good luck and let us know what works

  • thanks for all the advice. Unfortunately i don't think it was a one time thing because once she figures out how to do something she continues to build on her new found skill. My little monster is WAY too smart and strong for her own good right now. I didn't wait to give her a second opportunity to climb up on the rails again, we lowered her crib bed as low as we could possibly get it and still keep her safe. We don't have any bedding in her crib aside from a fitted sheet of course so i know she didn't use anything in the crib as leverage for climbing. She has figure out how to climb corners by putting one foot on each side and shimming up while pulling with her hands. Anyway we will have to see how it goes and take it from there.

  • Brinny-just wanted to check in and see how things are going.  I've been thinking about you and that adorable baby girl and hope all is well.