Is preschool necessary?

  • I’m struggling with whether or not to put my 3 year old into preschool. We do lots of outings here at home, read books, and are always learning new things. He sees other little kids at church and soccer and his mid-week playgroup that he goes to. Is preschool really necessary for him to succeed in school? - Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I don't think in all cases that it is necessary, however i believe preschool is supposed to get your children prepared for a school setting. not only with making sure children know the kindergarten requirements, but also with preparing them for a more structured learning setting where there are specific rules to follow. i think that by entering your children in preschool you could be helping their transfer to kindergarten a little easier... but like i said i don't think it is necessary for all children.

  • Julie-It sounds like you do a wonderful job of getting him out and about!  It also sounds like he has good time with other kids, which is one of the really important things about preschool.  What is missing is time away from mom and dad, so that is where i can see that preschool would really benefit your little one-and you too!


  • My opinion is every family needs to make that decision within the limits of what they can do. If you can save several hundred dollars and continue to provide your child a well-rounded social and academic mix, then go for it! It depends on so many factors including the quality of local schools and teachers and the cost that each situation is almost totally different. Great question!

  • No, absolutely not. Preschool is not necessary for children who get socialization in other ways; however, sometimes it is necessary for the mom! LOL! I sometimes need those couple of hours to clean the house, run errunds, and get prepared for the rest of the day! If your child is struggling with social issues, then preschool can most definitely help. Otherwise, it is not necessary.