• As the nice weather has finally arrived I have been out and about with my daughter more and more. Her stroller has the capability of playing music through an ipod or mp3 player, but i need music to put on one. Does anyone know of some good baby/ toddler cds that i could look into? Right now i only have

    "Sleep Tight, Baby" not sure who it is by 


    Laugh and learn sing along favorites that came with her fisher-price talking dog

    I have found "Stomp Yer Feet!" By Johnny Bregar which i am really interested in buying.


    Does anyone know of any more Albums that are good and mommy friendly (not annoying) as well as toddler friendly.

  • When I was little I used to love Raffi and his Apples and Bananas song!

  • I went out to Barnes & Noble today and they did not have the CD i was looking for, however i did find a They might be giants "Here comes the ABCs" CD!!! I totally forgot they made children's music as well as adult. I haven't heard the cd yet, but they have yet to disappoint me. I did find a lot of Raffi CDs but i haven't ever heard anything they play so i wasn't sure about it, I will be checking out some of their stuff though.

  • This is totally going to date me, but wasn't there a tape "rainbow connection"?!  I can't remember who sang it.  I had to look it up-The muppet movie is where it originated from.  Kenny Loggins has some great kids stuff too!


  • Mr. Ray is a good one... also I like all of the Laurie Berkner songs. My older girls like the "Kidz Bop" cd's as well as The Fresh Beat Band.

  • I spent some time the summer my best friends little girl turned one making her cds for the car and her room.  I did a variety of tunes-everything from Hannah Montana to Kenny Logins.  I did one upbeat cd for sining in the car and singing in the kitchen.  Then I did one lower key CD for bedtime and for giving mom some peace in the car. lol.  I know they still have the cds and listen to them often.  It's  fun and would make great christmas gifts as you could make the same cd for more than one family.


  • That is kind of what i am doing now only i am making an organized mix on an ipod shuffle. That way if she is sleepy i can skip to the soothing tracks, or if she is awake i can let her listen to the other stuff or turn it to shuffle and it will pick songs at random to play so that she isn't listening to the same artist song after song.

  • Music is such a great tool as a parent and it helps kids appreciate music at a young age. In my opinion, everyone is different in our tastes and needs but we all love music in one way or another.

  • This is really old school but Anne Murray has a CD called "Dragon in the Driveway" - it has some of my very favorite songs from when I was a kid and I burned it onto my computer to transfer to my Ipod. You have to get it off Amazon - not in stores anywhere but it's ALWAYS a hit with kids.