Nail Clipping

  • My daughter who will be 16 months in a week, screams and fights me like I am killing her when I have to cut her nails (both finger and toes). Is there any advice out there to make this necessity less of a traumatic experience for the both of us?

    I have tried to make it fun by saying lets paint your nails after they are cut or offering a treat but that doesn't work. She runs away from me the second she can escape.

  • It can be really tough... my wife does it for our family, but none of my four kids likes it. At 16 months, we often tried to do it while they were napping if possible... unfortunately a tough thing to deal with.

  • hi , 

    i have a 7 week old son and boy do his nails grow he's tough and gets mad as well when i cut his fingernails but i've figured out a way to do it.

    First of all sooth your baby , talk to her , let her know that you need to do it so she wont scratch herself. Hold her hand gently then slowly press down on her skin under her nail and put the nail clippers on her nail and pop , done . if it doesnt work try food (:

    But make sure you are using baby nail clippers.

  • Two words for ya... NAP TIME!!!! there is no possible way that i can cut my daughters nails while she is awake. she jerks her arms and legs so quick and hard that i am afraid i will clip her skin. I have found that she doesn't understand what i'm doing and it is best to just do it while she is sleeping and can't fight back. when she gets older and can understand that it's not going to hurt her then we will try it while she is awake again.

  • omg! Yes I need help too! I use to just do it in her sleep, but now she wont sleep unless she's in bed (which if I pick her up she'll wake up) or if she fell asleep in the car seat...which I suppose I could just clip them then...ok lol thanks me, but if anyone else has any other ideas!

  • If someone in the Strong Moms community wants to collaborate on some tool that can make this easier, I will work with you and we will make millions! Geeked

  • HAHAHA answer dad I think that tool would look much like a straight jacket.

  • haha Brinny, I was thinking a stun gas lol, but figured I'd get a harsh back lash so decided not to say anything