White Noise

  • Long ago when I slept in a college dorm room, I found it impossible to go to sleep at night because of all the noise in the hallway. Then I bought two CD’s, one of the ocean and the other of a thunderstorm and slept like a baby. I want to use something similar for my kids now, as we have a loud house! Does anyone use similar “white noise” sleeping tools? --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I use a sleep spa for my toddler since she began waking up in the middle of the night and since then she hasn't woke up at all.  I use Homedics sleep spa that has a musical projector, and she absolutely loves it!


  • I know for some people just a fan just be helpful.  There are so many neat "white noise" CDs these days though.  For instance you can get rain on the roof, the ocean and other nature sounds.  I also love classical music, INYA and other music for kids.  


  • I used a thunderstorm CD for my baby...this helped to drown out the noise of the other kids~~

  • I know someone who simply tunes an old radio to an empty station and plays static for their baby! It works beautifully and is pretty cheap if you have an old radio laying around! 

  • These are all great suggestions! We need something and these suggestions will help us probably make a purchase, but some of the free ideas will be used first! Another great job of helping out by the Strongmoms community!