When should I start potty training?

  • My son is still too young to start it yet, but I was wondering when a good age to start is. My mom had me potty trained by the time I was 2 years old. My son is almost 15 months old (he will be in a week). I was thinking I should wait until he is at least 18 months old. I am just eager to start because he is so hard to change, it's practically a 2 person job 75% of the time. I use slip on diapers which make it a little easier, but it's not any easier when he poops. So, when did you start potty training your little one?

  • Unfortunately potty training happens when they child is ready to be potty trained. Look for signs that signal he recognizes when he is wet or dirty and wants to be changed. Also watch him really closely and see if he has any ques that he does before he pees or poops that you can pick up on. that will make it easier in figuring out when he needs to go. I don't think he is too young to get a potty chair and get him used to sitting on it however. My daughters doctor has told me to sit my daughter on her potty chair and read her books and give her lots and lots of praise just to get her used to being on it at first.... My daughter is 16 months now and i started the potty training process about a month ago with getting her used to sitting on the potty. in the past couple of weeks she has started pulling at her diaper when it is wet and has even gone as far as grabbing a diaper opening it up and sitting on it. She will also try to put her diapers on her stuffed animals when she needs a diaper change. So far we don't have any ques that tell us she needs to go, but she definitely tells us when she needs changed... So now it's a matter of pumping her full of liquids and running her to the potty every 30 minutes and praising success. It takes some children longer than others to be ready, but if your son is exhibiting some of those same signs it may be time to start getting him used to the potty. 

  • You have to wait until your son is both physically and emotionally ready to potty train otherwise it will be a miserable experience for you both. You will know when your son is ready to potty train when he wakes up dry from naps, goes several hours with a dry diaper, can tell you when he needs to pee or poop etc. Also, if your son shows interest in the potty and is able to pull his underwear or pullups off and on. Otherwise you will still be the one doing all the work. For some children, this can come as early as 2. For others, it doesn't come until they are 3 1/2. Until then, get a potty and put it out. Encourage him to sit on it and make it pressure free. Show him potty videos and read him potty books and make it seem like a fun thing. When he finally is ready, he will be primed to do it! 

  • The guidelines suggest at/after 2 years old.  Prior to that they just are physiologically ready yet-esp. our boys.  Just as the other moms suggested let him take the lead, look for cues that he is ready.  There are some good children's books available about potty training and so you might bring one home to share with him.  Once you get started lots of positive reinforcement is best.  

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  • Thanks, those are good suggestions and very helpful comments! He already knows when he is wet and needs changed, he grabs at his diaper lol. He doesn't  like to sit still (what one year old does lol). I think I might start in a while then, maybe at 18 months. I will see how he does and if he is ready.