Sibling Love

  • My 3 year old absolutely loves his little 3 month old brother. He is eager to teach him things and show him what he is playing with. I know that they will certainly fight over toys and have disagreements but how can I continue to promote friendship and love between them as they get older? ~Jule, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Watching your kids interacting together is one of the great joys of life.  Julie, you seem like such a thoughtful parent that I am sure you are reinforcing a caring and friendly relationship simply by your example. From my limited experience, they are built-in best friends and as long as they respect each other as they grow, the relationship is going to be the strongest bond in their lives. Great post!

  • It is tough and sometimes it is dictated largely by their personalities and how well they get along. My middle two fight a lot but their personalities other kids don't fight at all! 

  • Thanks, AnswerDad! :-) What a great compliment. Even though they love each other, they do have different ways of approaching the world. I want to make them each feel valued for the things they are good at and not feel like one is more appreciated than the other. I know I'll make mistakes but hopefully they'll turn out fine in spite of those! 

  • Yes, I agree! In spite of the mistakes my parents made, I turned out just fine too! And my sister and I used to fight like cats and dogs and now that we are adults we are best friends---go figure.

  • Ultimately, they are individuals and how they interact is largely out of our control. Fighting is apart of sibling relationships since the start of time! You are more like a coach/referee!