potty training resistance - help!

  • my daughter is almost 3 1/2. i have been working on potty training with her for almost a year. she drinks TONS of water. she doesn't like sitting on the potty, but she will pee in it. but she still pees in her training pants, and doesn't care if she's wet. she'll pee till its soaked through her clothes and onto the floor/furniture, and she doesn't care!! she will poop in the potty if i get her there on time, but she won't tell me when she has to go. she's just not interested. i've tried stickers, that doesn't work. i've tried candy (mini marshmallows, actually. i really HATE to do it, because i try to feed my kids healthy, but it's the only thing that works!!). i've tried videos, books, dolls. she will pee on the potty just about every time, but she STILL pees in her training pants!! i can't let her soak through onto the floor or let her run around naked, because we rent, and the carpets are BRAND NEW. i've been trying to keep her outside, but summer is almost over. i've tried bringing the potty into the living room, but then she got into the habit of HAVING to watch a movie while on the potty. and since i was putting her on the potty every hour, she ended up in front of the tv ALL DAY. so i moved it back into the bathroom. so this is where i'm at. it's been like this for months, and we are making NO progress. so i decided to completely back off the potty training to give her (and myself) a break for a week or so. (back to diapers) so that i can hopefully come up with a new game plan. i've also heard of some people who were having a hard time, and after they backed off the kid potty trained him/herself. i'm hoping that's the case here, but if not i'm stumped!!

  • I don't know if you are using pull-ups or big girl panties, but my daughter is doing much better with potty training if she is wearing big girl panties (cotton underwear). I tell her to let me know when she has to go, and if she wets her big girl panties then she has to go back to baby diapers.  She wants to be a big girl so calling her diapers "baby diapers" is a big motivation for her. She loves her big girl panties because they look like mommies. You may need to get the plastic underwear to go over them, and it is not comfortable for them to wear but it does help contain any messes. Good LUCK!!!

  • Adding to skatieyonts reply, our older daughters turned the corner when we went to the store to look at all the big girl panties and saw some of her favorites. We bought a half dozen or so and said they can't be used until she is potty trained. This worked for our first two and we are about at the time where #3 should be coming around. On a side note, as a Dad it looked a little weird for me to be poking around the little girl panties, so I made sure my wife was with me! Just one of the issues a Dad with three little girls must consider!

  • I agree--you need to get rid of the training pants...most kids need to just go cold turkey and switch to underwear--especially if they are ready. Pullups feel too much like diapers so they regress.

  • i use cotton training pants. just like underwear, except thicker where it counts for absorbency. we call them her underwear. and i do have the waterproof covers. a couple of times she has wanted to wear them, but most of the time she just wants a diaper. her brother is 14 months, and way ahead of where she was at that age. he picks up on things pretty quick. she does what he does a lot of times. he starts putting bowls on his head, she follows suit. i'm thinking i'll just skip her and start potty training him, and hope that she'll want to, too. cuz i think that's the reason she wants diapers. cuz little brother wears them. in fact, she likes wearing his *cloth diapers. go figure?