Scared of Movies

  • Recently, my daughter refused to go the see “Monsters University” because she was scared. She wasn’t scared of the characters, but she was scared because the volume was so loud it made her frightened in several previous movies. We solved it by sending her to the theater with earmuffs and she loved it. Do the loud sounds of the movies frighten your kids? ~Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • None  of my kids were scared of movies...but I am glad that you were able to solve the problem and let her enjoy the movie!

  • YES! My son wouldn't see movies until his cousins went to see "Planes" this summer. He wanted to be with them so badly that the peer pressure made him go. He was far too overwhelmed by the stimuli and the noise of the movie. 

    I do know that some movie theaters have "sensory friendly" film showings. While these are typically for kids with autism or other sensory issues that can't handle high levels of stimuli, they'd be perfect for our kids too! They turn down the volume, turn down the brightness of the screen slightly, and keep the AC from blowing too hard (in the summer anyway) to keep the kids from being overwhelmed. Maybe you can find one near you! 

  • As the summer has progressed my daughter has gotten over her fear. Now the problem is my 2-year old wants to go to the movie, yet starts wandering around after about 30 mins...