How to teach persistence

  • My youngest started gymnastics class and did a great job. One area that was a stumbling block was when she was supposed to do a backwards somersault over a round padded wheel. She was terrified and never was able to accomplish this. After we talked about it, she mustered up the courage and did it the next lesson and was proud of herself. Was I right to interfere and convince her to do it, or should I have left her to do it on her own with her coach? --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I think you did the right thing. As her parent you have the responsibility to encourage her to try things that she otherwise might be apprehensive about. Chances are she mustered up the courage to do it becasue she trusts you. So maybe it is time to have a talk with her also about trusting her coach, and trusting that he/she isn't going to put her in harms way... and to be doubally safe you will be tight there watching.

  • Thanks! It's hard to see them fail, but you won't always be there as a parent to give that pat on the back or kick in the rear (figuratively of course!). My daughter is competitive and gets very upset when she loses. I like that she is driven for success, but she has to accept that when you compete, there is a chance you won't win.

  • That is a hard lesson, and one that i think i even keep learning as an adult.  I showed horses competitively as a kid and teen and learned this over and over.


  • I guess she gets it from her mom and dad... we were both athletes and are very competitive, but never to the point where we fear losing so much that it inhibits us from participating.