Boils/ Abcess

  • My 2 year old got an abcess on her head. I took her to the Dr. and he drained it but didn't take a culture. A month later, my 1 year old has gotten 2 on inner thigh (diaper line). When we took him to the doctor, I made them take a culture because I was worried about staph and/or mrsa. The culture came back fine but they both continue to get them. Is this normal? Could it be the diapers? ( I use Luvs and have had more break-outs with them)
  • It is possible that she does have a sensitivity to the chemicals in the diapers you are using. We are having issues with my daughter getting horrible rashes. (not diaper rash or heat rash). The rashes were around the top of the waist on her belly and back and around the diaper line of her legs. My mom said i had the same problem when i was a baby, and i have a sensitivity to chemicals and get similar rashes. So anyway i decided to do some research on diapers and what i found out is after babies get out of their newborn diapers have a tendency to start getting these rashes from the chemicals used to make the diapers. Some of the diapers have a higher irritation rate than others and at the top of the list is Pampers, then Luvs, Then Huggies. I haven't checked on many off brands but the one that i have been using and seems to have helped a lot is White Cloud from walmart. They are Hypoallergenic and i have yet to have themblow out. Otherwise i suggest you bting it up to your babys doctor so you are able to get an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the problem.

  • It sounds like an allergist may make sense for you. I would ask your pediatrician to recommend one for you and have your kids seen by someone who may be able to help determine the cause of the boils and abcesses.

  • lfyre94-you are doing a really good job of advocating for your daughter.  I want to echo what answerdad suggested and get another doc to take a look.  You have really valid concerns so if she develops another boil before that speciality appointment make sure to have her seen by her doctor.  Keep us posted,


  • Thanks for all the feedback guys. I will make another appointment with another doctor and possibly an allergy doctor. I will keep you posted! Fingers crossed :)

  • I hope you get the answers you are looking for - glad you are getting some additional opinions. It never hurts to be too careful when it comes to your kids! 

  • Our pleasure! Not knowing the cause of something affecting your child is very difficult to wrestle with. What a relief it will be when they identify the cause so you can prevent this condition from persisting.