Help me make bedtime better for ALL of us!

  • I do not like bedtime and neither does my toddler. There are bathroom trips, water breaks, and LOTS of getting out of bed. I don't want to be mean, but I am ready to call it a night and all his crying and getting out of bed makes bedtime miserable for all of us. What can I do to get him to realize that he NEEDS to go to sleep?--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • How old is your kiddo?  I have a friend that went to a "pass" system, kind of like in school.  Her children were each given a set number of passes and once they used them, that was pretty much it.  I want to say a total of two or three.  You can make them specific-one for water and one for the bathroom (although I know you don't want a child that honestly has to use the bathroom to not be able to).  Just a thought and it worked well for her.


  • Always a tough one... with one toddler, it is somewhat easy to stay on top of it. In our house, where there are three kids in bed 6 and under, it can be quite exhausting. We struggle with this, but I think what we realized was the best way to ensure kids go to sleep quickly is to make sure they are wiped out by the time they get to bed.

  • I have two girls age 3 and 2 that share a room and have both done this. My best advice is to keep up the routine and stay strong. To help them realize that's not what they should be doing we set a strict routine. Potty break before we even go into the bedroom. One drink of water before getting in bed. And I also allowed them to bring a book to bed. If they are not sleepy or sometimes they pretend to be scared to bring us in to retuck them, they are allowed to quietly "read" their book. We have also done a sticker chart. Start small with 5 days of no calling you into the bedroom or what we call "monkey buisness" then reward them. Afterward extend it and it worked well for us during befdtime help. One last tip, be sure to follow through with any concequnces. I would threaten to take away a toy and never would. Once I actually followed through they understood I meant business. Best of luck

  • Thanks for all the advice. I appreciate it and will try some of it tonight! 

  • LaSage - GREAT information. I will definitely be trying some of these tricks as my kids get older! I was worried about my little boy getting bigger and moving to a big boy bed since he shares a room with his older brother. It's good to know you've been able to make it work with your girls. :-) 

  • LaSage-what a fantastic mom you are!  Wow!  I am so impressed with the routine and strategies you have put into place with your kiddos.  I am always a fan of sticker charts.  Great job!