Tantrums in Public

  • How do you deal with tantrums when you are out at the store or shopping? It’s hard to figure out what to do when you are in public and everyone is staring at you. Help!  ~Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I have a friend who just leaves, Some people have said that they just turn their backs and ignore the behavior because the child is trying to get attention and they don't want to encourage the behavior by giving the attention. I personally tell my daughter that it is not ok to act that way and divert her attention to something different.

  • Ignoring is fine, but you still have to be respectful of other people who are there. I have a friend who ignores her daughter's tantrums but she doesn't make her leave or divert her attention so she sits and screams. It is very disturbing to the other people in restaurants or in the store. I personally take them out of the store and discipline them in the car or at home. If it is an easy one, then I divert their attention and get them to help me with something else

  • Setting limits is so hard but SO IMPORTANT.  My experience has been that if you set those limits right off the bat, and stick with them then the issues resolve and there really aren't further tantrums.  Being a parents a HARD job!  How is everyone doing with this?


  • I agree it is a really hard job, Not because it is so demanding, but because it can be tedious at times. Telling a toddler over and over not to do the same things they did two minutes before, and trying to help them understand that what they are doing is unacceptable. They just don't grasp it and as a parent it can be hard to cope with that. I think the best thing you can do is set boundaries and be consistent with them. If it takes 10,000 times saying the same thing over and over again then that is what needs to be done. As far as tantrums are concerned my daughter is pretty good about not throwing them. She is used to not getting what she wants so it's not a big deal when i tell her no. Usually if she does throw a tantrum it is because she doesn't want to be locked up in a shopping cart. I solve this issue by giving her something to snack on while we shop, then somehting to draw on and with.