difference between 24 month/2T clothing

  • What is the difference in size 24 month and 2T in clothing? My daughter is outgrowing her clothes and is moving up to 24month clothes: I see shirts/pants marked 24months and then others marked 2T, I think the difference is the company who makes it but I am not sure.
  • I agree. I am in the same situation right now and have some 2T outfits and some 24 month outfits. Both sizes fit my daughter pretty much the same. So I believe it just depends on how the brand wants to size their clothing.

  • They are virtually the same and usually you can buy both and get away with it. 


  • Really good question, and thanks for the answer!  I had also heard that in something the 2T versions can be a bit longer/taller-but otherwise the same.  -Jess