Dream Toddler Foods

  • Pretend you have the ear of every mass market food manufacturer in the country. What would you love for them to make specific to toddlers? Maybe oatmeal and yogurt meals for a quick and easy breakfast? How about cereal bars that are not coated in sugar? These are just a few of my ideas. What are yours?

  • I guess the perfect toddler meal would be one that is healthy and inexpensive that toddlers love. I've tried things like Graduates meals which served a purpose in a pinch, but the quality could have been better and the portions were tiny, even for toddlers.

    How about a meal "Ready to Eat" like they have in the military? Pop it open and it heats on its own with no microwave? That's something that we all could use from time to time!

  • I would like to see more snacks that are pre-packaged AND healthy. A lot claim to be, but really aren't.

  • Personally I would love for them to make food for children who have common allergies. My daughter is allergic to BOTH milk and soy and berry intolerant. This means her diet consists of mostly meat, veggies, fruits, and vinegar based sides. Almost all of the pre-packaged foods contain one or the other of her allergies. Since these allergies are so common now a days, I would love it.

    My daughter can't have traditional snack foods like other children: no cookies, no goldfish, no candy, no gummies, no pudding cups, only certain types of crackers, etc... you get the idea. Most toddler flavors of snacks contain strawberry, so I am limited there as well.

  • Nutritious- but tastes good, full of vitamins and minerals, fiber content, easy, fun and guilt free-oh and reasonable pricetag.

    That may be a tall order!


  • Skatieyonts - I couldn't agree with you more! My son is dairy/soy sensitive. I have found that Trader Joes (do you have them where you live?) carries lots of great snacks, etc with no dairy or soy. "ENJOY LIFE" brand foods and "UDI" brand foods have none of the most common 8 allergy ingredients such as dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, etc. They are delicious! I have some good luck going to Whole Foods types of stores as well. Not sure if this helps you out but I just wanted to say that I understand the struggle!