Breakfast foods

  • Both my wife and I work in the morning, and we want to provide our toddler’s care giver with good breakfast foods. Is there anything special you give your child for breakfast? What can you give your toddler for breakfast that is quick, nutritious, and not too messy if you are on the go?

  • You can take a piece of bread and cut a shape out (let's say a heart). Then heat and butter a skillet. Whisk an egg. Put the bread in the pan and pour the egg into the heart. When the egg has firmed you can flip it. You will  have a cute egg/toast combo that travels well and is healthy (if you are okay with butter).

  • We've just discovered weetabix bars.  Their great crumbled into yogurt.  We also love waffles smeared with peanut butter or cream cheese.  Soft boiled eggs are also a big hit.