Favorite snacks

  • Toddlers often do not eat enough during mealtimes. For this reason, it is important to offer healthy, fun snacks throughout the day. My children like cottage cheese with fruit, homemade fruit pops, and yogurt. I often serve them yogurt frozen, it is a lot like ice cream. What do your toddlers snack on?

  • I make a green smoothie for my kids sometimes...I call it the Incredible Hulk. It is made with spinach, orange juice, 1 banana and a handful of strawberries. The spinach turns it green and it simply tastes like a strawberry banana smoothie..The kids don't even know it has spinach in it. You can play around with the amount of spinach but I put a whole cup or two in there!!!!


  • I am definitely trying that! Thanks for the idea.

  • Me too... in fact, I might have to test it out on myself! I sometimes disguise my veggies to them in a low fat cheese quesadilla... good protein and vitamins and she loves them... take about 7 mins in oven with minimal prep.