Toddler-Specific Products

  • I was perusing the juice aisle the other day at the grocery store and came across a juice brand that said it was specifically for toddlers. While it’s marketed to be healthier and better for children, when you read the label, you find that it’s basically just watered-down juice.

    I consider myself a discriminating consumer, so I always check the facts before adopting a new product. But I wonder how many other parents take the time to really read the labels of products aimed at toddlers to try and see if there is a difference.

    What do you do when you hear about a new toddler product? Do you do your homework or try it out and see? What do you look for when it comes time to make a purchase decision?

  • Yes! I too have read the back of the "toddler juices" and realize that they are merely a marketing ploy. I make my own "toddler juices" by watering down 100% juices myself.

    When I first see a product aimed at Toddlers, I first check to see what is in it. Is it loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup? Is it just a smaller version of what I already have stocked in the pantry (i.e. toddler apple sauce)? Is it somehow going to save me time and/or money? These are my critieria before I decide if a product is worth the hype

  • Those are great replies. For me the toddler portion of foods are worth the extra $ at times because I find we let the bigger versions go to waste. What do you think about the foods/drinks that add extra vitamins for toddlers?

  • I usually steer clear of paying for watered down juice. I can get a big container of organic juice and add my own water for much less.

  • I usually steer clear of "toddler" products because I know I can make my own, but as answerdad said, premeasured products can be convenient.  Some Juices say to consume within 5 days or a week after opening, and the taste does change after a week or so.  Also, the watered down toddler juice has !00% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin c for toddlers.  Comforting for those days when fruit is not her first choice for snacks.  I allow her only one juice serving per day, so she gets in all with one 6oz juice box.  And she loves sipping from the box!