Too Busy to Go Potty

  •  Both my girls take after me in one unfortunate respect, they are too busy playing to stop and use the bathroom. This was a serious issue for me when I was a kid that delayed me in moving past diapers. My older one was almost four before she was finally potty trained, and my little one seems to be going down the same path. At home, she’s too interested in whatever she’s doing to take a potty break. Has your toddler done the same thing? What have you done to make using the potty more of a habit? 

  • My oldest was the same way...too busy to be interested in potty training. So, what we did was to build on his interests. He loved TV, so I went out and bought a few potty training videos. Then we let him watch the videos for a few weeks and get excited about being a big kid. At the same time, I read him stories about potty training and being a big boy. Eventually, he decided it looked like fun and the rest is potty training history!

    Hope this helps


  • My daughter is 26 months and is the same way, she doesn't like to stop to go potty.  What I did was started putting her in panties instead of pull-ups and then if she had an accident, she had to help clean up.  She was responsible for taking her pants off and putting them it the bathroom, and she had to help clean the floor.  After 2 accidents she started taking the time to potty when we asked.  Hope this helps.

  • My son was the same way when he was at home he wanted to play and just didn't want to stop doing whatever he was doing to go potty. We got Bear and the big blue house potty training video which my son still watch and he has been going potty all on his own for about a year now. i had him pick what kind of big boy underpants he wanted but he couldnt go potty in them or he'd lose them. we even let him go into the bathroom with my husband so he could see that even daddy (since he is a boy and daddy has the same stuff) went potty in the potty. we haven't thankfully had any accidents in a long time and even then those where at night when he sometimes wouldn't wake up iin time to go. Make it as fun as you can and try to enforce big girls go potty without being mean about it and she'll do it all in time. Good luck.