Ghosts and Monsters

  •  My toddler’s imagination has been getting the best of her lately. She tells me that she doesn’t want to go to preschool because there are monsters there. She’s also been known to run to me yelling that a ghost is after her.

    These images even seep into her dreams, and she’s woken up screaming about monsters and witches. What do you do to help calm your toddler when these fantastical ideas become very real for him or her? 

  • All you can do is offer assurance and try to make her understand the concept of dreams and your imagination. I like to then make reference back to it when she is calmer and try to re-enforce the idea once again. Of course, my daughter isn't yet two, so who knows what she understands!

  • Kenlee is big into monsters right now. I have to make monster spray and spray it in her room so she will sleep. I've learned that telling them monsters aren't real doesn't work at all.

  • I try to reassure them that "Mommy and Daddy are right here....", then I try to take their minds off of it by reminding them of a fun outing we had or a special trip or a movie they love. We talk about that for a few minutes and usually the "monsters" disappear!

  • Monster spray was a big help with my older daughter. It's an actual product (or at least it was 8 years ago or so)! We've filled up the bottle and are using it on our younger daughter. Reassurance doesn't seem to work as well that darned spray!