What’s Okay to Drink?

  • My daughter has recently started to want to sample whatever my husband or I are drinking. Normally she’s only allowed to drink milk, chocolate milk, juices, and water. Now she loves Diet Coke because she always sees my husband drinking it and has had quite a few sips out of his cup. This is not okay with me because I don’t want her to drink beverages that have so many chemicals in them. When she asks for some of his soda, I steer her toward a healthier choice. What’s your idea of what’s okay and what’s not when it comes to what your toddler drinks?

  • Thus far we have managed to avoid soda and chocolate milk, although I dont view chocolate milk as that bad. It's only a matter of time though!

  • We also give our toddler sips of soda from our cups or tastes of coffee on a spoon, but that's it. I am like you, I don't want them to have chemically enhanced drinks or drinks with lots of caffeine in them. It is difficult, but even my 4 and 5 year old don't drink sodas. Occasionally they can have a small cup of soda if it is a party or at Christmas. I try to teach them that it is not good for little kids. I also started drinking my sodas in containers they couldn't see through so that they don't know what I am drinking! Sneaky I know, but it helps!

  • Very sneaky, but smart. I should suggest that to my husband, who lives on Diet Coke.

  • Funny how we think it's horrible for the kids to drink and eat chemically processed stuff but it's ok for us.....Maybe we should start setting a good example and quit also.

  • So far, our 14-month old daughter only drinks water.  We occasionally offer her sips of juice from our cup, but we never giver her juice of her own.