Toddler bed

  • Making the move to a toddler bed is a big step for both parents and toddlers. My son climbed out of his crib the day before he turned two. He kept getting himself stuck on the railing, so we had to go ahead and move him to a toddler bed. It was a very difficult transition. We are hoping our daughter sleeps in her crib until college. Has your toddler made the transition to a toddler bed?

  • I had a similar situation. We broke down our convertable crib to a toddler bed the day after our daughter climbed out of her crib. I think she was a little younger than two. She loved being in a big-girl bed, which made the transition much easier. We played it up as being such a great thing and that we were so proud of her for being such a big girl. The positive reinforcement was a big help.

  • My oldest son and daughter stayed in a crib until they were almost 3! They weren't climbing out, so our pediatrician told us not to move them. BOY was she right. Bedtime was so much easier when they were confined. Our youngest is just now 18 months and showing no signs of climbing out, so he will definitely stay put as long as he can!!!

  • Our 22 month old daughter has not yet cluimbed out, but I am prepared for it to happen anyday. After staying in a regular bed at her aunt's house two weeks ago, it's all she talks about. We expect to make the transition somewhere around two as well.