When your toddler has a bad day

  • There are days when my toddler is cranky from the sun up to sundown. On these days I try to do her favorite things, spend plenty of one on one time with her, and make sure she naps on schedule. It also helps to head outside if the weather allows. How do you deal with your fussy toddler?

  • I think you nailed it when you talked about outdoors. Getting some fresh air and succumbing to all the distractions is often the key to changing the mood with my daughter. She is pretty good natured though, so I think it will be tougher with our 5-month old whn she gets older.

  • A nice drive will often combat our toddler's foul moods, though sometimes that backfires when she doesn't want to sit in her car seat. Some good quiet time works, too.

  • In my experience, my children only have really bad days when they are getting sick. If I look back at the days when they were extra crabby or not themselves, it always came right before a fever or a cold. When they are extra cranky, I try really hard to put them down for extra naps and make sure that they eat and drink enough fluids. I also try to hold them and rock them a little bit more than usual.