Feeling Guilty

  • At a family barbecue last weekend, my toddler tripped and fell face-first on a patio. The moments between her fall and my picking her up to see what she had done seemed like a lifetime. Even though it was a routine fall, resulting in a bloddy and puffy lip, I felt very guilty that she had been injured on my watch. Are you able to shrug off your child's injuries, or do you feel personally respsonsible?

  • I think anytime your children get hurt, you feel bad that you couldn't be there to prevent it. What is even worse....is when you actually cause the injury! I closed my toddlers fingers in the car door one morning and cried as much as he did.

    From the moment our children are born, we spend all of our waking hours trying to prevent them from getting hurt. But unfortunately, short of wrapping them in bubble wrap and never letting them leave the house, injuries are a fact of life...and unfortunately they are good for our children. The occasional scrape, scratch and bloody nose are life's lessons. They teach our children better than we can to slow down and pay attention.

    Still, it is always heartbreaking when our children get hurt. No doubt we would trade with them in an instant and do ANYTHING to make it all better. But some lessons are hard learned....and in order for our children to learn how to pick themselves up, they have to fall every once in a while!

  • These are great points, and with the clumsiness that I display on a daily basis, I'm sure to cause some injuries myself. I'm just dreading that first injury that forces us to the emergency room... thanks for the reassurance. It definitely made me feel better!

  • It gets better the more experience you get as a parent. With my older daughter, I felt bad every time she bumped her head. Ten years later, I have to chuckle at the drama that comes out of my toddler with every bump and scrape. Sure, the big boo-boo's (she fell down the stairs twice!) get me worried and feeling bad, but the regular trips and bruises are old hat for me. :)