how to deal with toddler while feeding the newborn

  • hi

    I recently had newborn and she is 4 months old. I also have olderone she is two& half. most of the time she is pretty good, but recently I have noticed that when I am trying to bottle feed the my newborn...she want to do her stuff now..tie the string..something that i am not able to do with my one hand. I do try my best & she if she can wait but the she just strats any of you have similar situation and suggetstion.


  • I'm sure you have tried, but the first thiong that comes to mind is to find a distraction of some kind for her. Tell her that your baby needs food!

  • Sounds like she is getting a bit jealous of the one on one attention you are giving to your newborn. Try getting her a baby doll of her very own with little bottles and diapers. Then when you are getting ready to feed your baby, remind her that her baby doll also needs food and that you want to play babies with her. Then you can sit down together and feed your babies.

    If that doesn't work, try letting her sit next to you and cuddle with you while you feed the baby. My 20 month old son used to sit right next to me and cuddle with me every time I breastfed my newborn. I think he wanted reassurance that I still loved him too.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY....when you are done feeding your baby, put the baby down and make a special effort to spend some time with your oldest. Read a book, play a game etc...tell her "Okay..the baby is all fed, now it is your turn." This way she will begin to understand that you have enough time and room for both of them. Hope this helps.