weaning from bottle

  • I am having trouble getting my son to let go of the bottle he is almost 16 months old and will only take an ounce or two of milk in a cup. I have tried putting water in the bottle, just taking the bottles and hiding them and I have even tried just to get him to take it for just bedtime and through the night. Sometimes he does really well only getting them at night but other times he refuses a nap until he gets a bottle...any ideas?? Please

  • Have you tried any versions of crazy straws? Colorful or oddly shaped straws can encourage drinking to make it fun. if you refuse to give him a bottle, eventually he will drink what you give him. Hope this helps.

  • Did you try putting only whole milk in the bottle? At 16 months, he should be eating solid foods, as well. Is he eating fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains? Is he taking a multi-vitamin? Ask your pediatrician about vitamins if your baby is a fussy eater, just to make sure he is getting enough nutrition. Is he getting his calcium from other sources, such as yogurt and cheese? Even still, he needs whole milk in his diet, so if he only wants to drink it from the bottle, let him. He will eventually wean off to a sippy cup.

  • my son just turned 15months & he has the straw cups and sippy cups but he prefers the bottles. Do you have other suggestions? Do you put milk in the straw cups? Is giving a bottle ok before they go to sleep?

  • Your 15 month old is at risk for dental caries (rotting of the teeth) with a bottle before bed, unless you are brushing his teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says that frequent consumption of liquids containing fermentable carbohydrates (juice, milk, formula, soda) increases the risk of dental caries due to prolonged contact between sugars in the liquid and cariogenic bacteria on the teeth. Frequent bottle feeding at night is associated with dental caries. Children experiencing caries as infants or toddlers have a much greater probability of subsequent caries in primary and permanent teeth.
  • If you are stil having trouble, I agreed with the other mom about not giving your child a bottle at bedtime.  It is not good for their teeth and there is really no reason they need a bottle at bedtime.  When my daughter turned one, we were told by her doctor to quit bottle and switch to sippy cup.  We did exactly what the doctor said, and we quit bottles COLD TURKEY.  My daughter was the same as your son, didn't want to have anything to do with a sippy cup.  But you just have to do it and they will eventually drink from the cup when they get hungry enough.  Putting water in the bottle and giving one at bedtime is just telling your child the bottle is still there and he can have it.  My daughter threw a fit at first, but after a few days she was drinking formula and whole milk from a sippy like a pro!  At first, I didn't know how I would ever get my daughter to switch from a bottle to a cup.  She wouldn't even HOLD her own bottle at 12 months!! But when we decided to quit cold turkey, it worked!  All we did was just offer her a sippy full of milk throughout the day and she eventually picked it up and drank.

  • Nuby sippy cups silicone nipples will be an easier transition they are similar to a bottle. Also for cleaning the nipples dr. browns bottle brushes work really well! Just stick to your guns he will try to out wait you! But stay strong and know that you are doing it becuase you Love him!