Taking off diaper

  • Lately our toddler has been removing her clothes spontaneously and sometimes will strip off her diaper. This can happen in a matter of moments and has occurred in public as well. Has this happened to anyone else? How long did it last and what did you do to stop it? We're hoping it's just a phase.

  • Try using pull ups, seeing that they don't have straps to secure the diaper.  You can also just keep changing her diaper to make sure that it is dry all the time and if she is old enough you can start potty training if you are ready.

  • My sister had to resort to using masking tape to secure the diaper around her little one. Once she realized that she couldn't pull it off so easily, she moved on to something else. She only had to use the tape for a few weeks. She couldn't potty train her, because she wasn't old enough yet, but if your daughter is old enough...potty training is a great answer!

  • Perhaps it's time for potty training!! This is an indication that she is ready. Try introducing her to the potty and try panties without a diaper and see how she does.
  • Thanks for all the help which was right on! She did her first "tinkle" on the potty! Hopefully a matter of time!