Child Friendly

  • My son isnt too friendly with other babies his age. He only likes to play with older kids thats much more rough and mature than he is. Ive tried to get him to interact with them, but he just gives them all of his toys and leaves for the other kids thats wrestling or roughing each other up... Should I be worried?

  • How old is your son? I dont think it's a big deal if he likes the action of the older kids, but it might be helpful if you try to make these older kids aware that they are playing with a younger, smaller child and try not to hurt him. Otherwise, let nature take its course!

  • atleast he's not hording all of the toys in a corner and not letting others play. children don't get social skills until they get a bit older. 3/4 months old they usually will play w/ teh same toys in the same room, but not necesarily together. at around 7/8 months, most babies like to play with their parents and siblings. and boys are generally more clingy to girls. I wouldn't worry about it. he's just a reserved baby that can be perefctly contempt all by himself.