sleep changes

  • HELP! I'm an old user of strongmoms but haven't been on the site for a while. My 13 mo old daughter has decided not to go to sleep at night without 1-2 hrs of Screaming. Same with naps. She's taking one nap a day around noon for about 1 hr. That's it! She's so irritable during the day and has tantrums often. Any advice would be great. She's not sick, already checked that. Maybe I'm putting her to be too late or maybe she still needs two naps. Not sure how to make that happen. Thanks for any help.  Exhausted mom.

  • When your Doc checked her out and determined your daughter to be healthy, did he/she suggest any possible causes of this sudden change in behavior? I wish I could give some advice, but it sounds like you have gone through the right troubleshooting routine... I think it's time for more professional evaluation if the screaming continues. Sorry if this isn't great advice... but I'm stumped.

  • Sounds like your daughter is caught in the stage where she needs sleep....but is too excited about the world around her to take a break. She definitely sounds like she needs more sleep. My kids went through this and the good news is that it was short lived. What we did was to go with the flow. If she only wanted one nap that day, I put her to bed much earlier that night to make up the difference ( like at 7 o'clock). If she started fussing at 10 am, I put her to bed for a nap and then she had 2 naps that day. Then she stayed up later like until 8:30 or so.

    Kids that aren't getting enough sleep often begin fighting sleep...good luck!!