• i have a little girl who will be turning 3 next month and she still sleeps with my husband and i how can i get her into her bed without feeling quilty because her 8month ild brother sleeps in our room but not in our bed. and advice please help

  • You should buy her a new toddler bed and tell her that she is a big girl now and big girls have to sleep in their own bed. If you feel guilty, she will sense that guilt and believe that sleeping in her own bed is a punishment, not a reward for growing up. It will make it easier if your son slept in his own room because he will soon develop the same habit of sleeping with you and your husband. The longer they stay in your room, the harder it will be to get them to sleep on their own.

  • I agree with is the time to transition BOTH of your children to their own rooms. This way your daughter will not feel left out of the "family bedroom". Make it fun and let your daughter pick out new sheets or a special nightlight that she loves. Do the same for your son and stick to your guns. After a little while your daughter will embrace her "big girl" status!

  • Hi

    My husband and I live in a two bedroom house with our  two boys, 31/2 and almost 2.  Sleeping in house was horrible!  The boys used to share a room and wake eachother up at night.  Our solution was moving our sons bed into our room.  The youngest has his own room, since we let him cry himself to sleep sometimes at night.  Now they both sleep all night, we have our bed to ourselves and we are all feeling better these days !!  When the 2 yr old is big enough, the two boys will share a room and bed.  I figure that way they will not be "so afraid of the dark or whatever".  I always shared a room and bed growing up with my sisters.  I know I never slept with my parents!

     I know a lot of people say "never let children into your bed or room" but when you need will do anything! 

    Good luck!