Toddler w/one on the way

  • I have a 2 1/2 year old that was almost completely potty trained. We noticed; however, that since I have become pregnant that she has fallen off the wagon and has had multiple accidents, some of them intentional. Any thoughts on how to get her back on track? I'm only 8 weeks along and I really don't want to continue on this path for the next 7 months. LoL.

  • When you say that some of them are intentional, can you elaborate on that a bit? Try looking at yourself first to make sure that you haven't been preoccupied with Pregnancy symptoms etc and are missing her cues etc. When my children would begin to have accidents, I noticed that I was more preoccupied and "forgetting" to take them or remind them to go potty.

    More than likely this is a phase that will quickly be gone if you remain consistent and don't make a fuss over her accidents. Remind her in a non threatening tone that she is a big girl and that big girls go to the bathroom on the potty. If you need to, rent a few great potty videos to reinforce this behavior or read some new potty books. Children usually do have accidents off and on until they are completely potty trained. Even then, accidents do occasionally creep up. If you continue to notice that she is having accidents, check with your pediatrician to rule out a bladder infection or other medical related issues.

    Good luck

  • I have had same problems.  My son is 2.5 yrs and I have a 5 month old.  Potty training has had its ups and downs, but just stick with it.  My son loves his Elmo sticker potty chart.  Also, he gets a sucker or sugar free gum if he goes poo-poo.  This one has been a little harder than actually peeing in the potty.  But we'll get there.  It may just seem overwhelming to you right now... may be a phase she's going through and won't stick around for 7 more months!