Potty Training

  • Hi, I am looking for advice on potty training.  I have a 26 month old daughter who is doing a great job of peeing in the potty, but I can't get her to poop.  I have been trying to encourage her to sit on the potty when I see she is trying to poop, but she always says no.  I don't want to just pick her up and put her on the toilet, becuase I am scared that will make her stop peeing in the potty.  Any thoughts?

  • My oldest is a little older than yours and in the same situation... we are sensitive to keeping her positive about the experience and haven't pushed her to poop more than you have. In a month or two we may change tactics, but I agree with your take on the situation.

  • Pooping on the potty seems to be a bit more difficult for some children to get. This of course will come in time...but until then you are probably right not to push the issue. Continue to talk positively about pottying an let her watch potty videos and read potty books. Ask her if she wants to poop on the potty and try to put her on the potty at the time of day she usually goes poop. Hope this helps.

  • I will say this, yes kids will go when they are ready. If they show signs like going when you take them or asking to be changed when they go then maybe it's time to start taking steps in going.

    I am a mom of 6 and my youngest is 7 months now. I have a 2 yr old boy currently in potty training mode. I trained my first son by using potty charts!

    Here is what i did first. I took him to the library, checked out potty books. we read them and talked about potty and what a special boy he was. We discussed big boy (big girl in your case) under roos. I took him to the store and showed him all the special under roos. I let him choose a pack, I then told him we will practice in the day. first pees come, and we would go regular. I printed a special potty chart, in his case at the time he liked thomas the tank engine so I printed a train track chart and colored it in. I taped it in front on the toilet so he could see it as he sat and went. Each time he peed he was able to put a sticker on the chart. I told him when he filled in the chart he will get a special toy for going potty all those times. I also offered him a special snack as an immediate reward to keep him inspired or motivated to go. I gave him something he had never tasted before, yogos! healthy and good! I only gave him maybe 4 or 5 of them at a time, not the whole bag. he loved that concept. He saw the reward when he finished the chart. We bought him a small toy nothing extravagant. We bought a matchbox car but themed for the movie "cars" since he loved the movie so much. HE loved the attention and the accomplishments he made. Poops came natural once he got the hang of pees.

    My now 2 yr old son, I have taken the same approach with. A little different though. He is good at pees, although not fully under control. instead of him putting a sticker on the chart for all his pees, he only puts one on when he goes poops. He does get yogos for pees though just to keep him feeling good about himself. He is doing well, but we have to catch him hiding in the corners of the house sometimes trying to "go" and explain he needs to go in the potty which then he does. We are still in the beginning stages, but all it going well.

    I don't like pressure so we take it slow especially with boys. I don't want them feeling insecure or having any negativity for not making it.

    Listen to your childs signs. Go with them and what they want. If they are not ready, dont push. The time will come.

    Hope this helps!