Potty Training. Please help!

  • My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and I take her to the potty every 15 minutes and nothing. Finally one day last week when she was done with her bath I put her on the toilet and she did it, she went  #1. I was so proud of her and made her a sticker chart because she loves stickers. She did that for the next 2 days only after her bath and then stopped. Am I doing something wrong or should I just be patient and wait? She is my first child and I thought she would be potty trained by the time her brother was born and boy was I wrong, He is now 3 months old.

  • Be patient....my son the oldest was a breeze to potty train took to it very well now on the other hand i have a two and half year old who we are setting a time for every hour to take her potty and she does go most of the time but we have been at this for almost two mths. i thought for sure she would be out of pull ups before or shortly after our third was born this last october but she has a mind of her own. she wont tell us when she has to go we just keep taking her. im praying one day it will just be natural for her to just tell us and catch on but has been a difficult road but once you start dont stop just know every child is different and will take at their own pace. even when we take her every hour she'll have accidents. but we have a candy and sticker jar in the bathroom and try to reward her for her efforts. good luck

  • Potty Training is difficult. At 2 1/2 your daughter may really just not be ready for the potty. Don't fret though, this doesn't mean that she won't be ready in a few months. Try backing off a bit and reading her cues. Rent a few potty books from the library and start reading them to her so she gets interested in the potty. You can also buy a few videos about potty time that will encourage her to be a "big kid". Be careful though....if you push her to potty train before she is ready, you can set both you and her up for failure. In addition, you might cause problems such as chronic constipation etc...

    Talk to your pediatrician if you are still worried about her progress. But I have a feeling that once you start showing her the videos and reading her books, she will begin to get the idea. If not, then you can wait until the summer to try again..this way you can take advantage of the nice weather.

  • Your child is still young, so be patient. She will let you know when she is ready to use the potty. Just continue to introduce her to the potty so that when she is ready, she will not be scared. A sticker chart is a wonderful idea. Rewarding her for using the potty will initiate her to potty-train sooner. Good luck!

  • I agree that it does take awaile and it all depends on the child.  I think it also depends on their speech as well.  Does she tell you when she needs things?  Also...I have a rule that once you use the potty and make it known that you need to go...diapers are gone.  Put her in big girl underwear and take her ever 20 mins to every hour and watch how much she drinks.  If she has an accident don't punish her just reinforce her that she needs to tell you when she needs to go.  I think one mistake people make is putting diapers or pull ups on when you want them to learn what it feels like to be wet.  They won't like it.  My daughter has been fully potty trained since 22 months.  Sure, some of it was at her own will but a lot had to do with my determination.  My daughter struggled with learning what it felt like to go number 2.  She had accidents for 3 months....pooping in her pants...eventually she learned that poop in her pants was yucky and decided to go on the potty.  They learn..just be patient!  Also for nap time and bedtime use night time pullups and call them big girl pants.  It worked well for us.  Hang in there!

  • It was difficult to potty train my son, sticker charts didnt work with him either. Although it was very frustrating I also completely took him off of diapers. The main thing that I did was let hm run around out house naked- yes we did have some messes sometime. I had to keep an eye on him at EVERY second. When he would start to pee we would run really quick to the potty.  Also when we would leave the house i'd out a towel in his carseat and take probably 5 pairs of clothes with me and we'd normally go through all of them on a normal day of runnng errands. While i would be out running errands I would remind him that we would go potty soon; which did meen using a public potty. But he got used to waiting and knowing that I would take him soon. But I would normally take him every 20-30min. while we were out. Eventually we waited longer and longer to go to the potty while we were out and then he began to tell us. So, basically the only thing that really worked for us was completely taking his diapers away and letting him realize that he was peeing and getting wet when he had "that feeling" or needing to go potty. Also, letting him keep his clothes on helped to b/c he didn't like the feeling of being wet.  But, like I said it was a mess, I did have to wash his clothes constantly, wash his car seat cover, but it worked. I had him potty trained in under 2 weeks and before his 2nd birthday. Just keep your head up and know that it will happen. I hope this helps you.