Bedtime Routine

  • What do you consider to be the most important component of your bedtime routine? When circumstances force you to change your routine, what steps do you take to get your toddler to get to sleep?

  • we have a nightly routine that pretty can be done anywhere we are. We dont give nightly baths becasue there are those when you can't do them. We get ready for bed and then cuddle for about half and hour. then we go up to bed where he picks a story while i get him some crackers for a snack and a sippy cup pf water, then we read whatever story he picked out. sometimes the story has to wait until we get home or we miss cuddle when we're at the store but most of the time we can do all of it. 

  • Ahhh the infamous bedtime routine!!! Ours changes a bit to fit the night, but in general there are some things that never change. We brush our teeth, then the kids get into bed and we say a goodnight prayer, we give kisses and one last sip of water. Then I turn on the little light up "volcano" and put on a sleepytime CD of stories or classical music. Those are the things that never change.