Vacation anxiety for toddler

  • We recently went on vacation which presented a few problems for our toddler. The unfamiliar surroundings made for some traumatic days and nights. What concerns you most about taking your toddler away, and what steps do you take to make him/her comfortable?

  • I bet the most common answer will be sleeping habits... that was the case for our little girl.

  • Safety when we are on vacation always stresses me out. Our home is very child proof and I don't have to worry much. BUT when we were on vacation in Florida, I worried about the ocean, sharing a condo with my sisters and falling down stairs. It is much more stressful for me! Now as far as my toddler goes, I think that going away is harder on his eating routine. Since we are on vacation, we eat out more and there aren't as many "healthy" foods in restaurants etc that he will eat. As a result, he gets a bit more cranky. I try to pack healthy cereal bars and other foods that I know he likes to balance out his diet when we are away!

  • Bring their favorite toys and blankie!! You can't go wrong if you allow them to bring familiar things from home!

  • just do that n bring a dvd player n movies