two year old doesn't listen

  • I have a two year old daughter who doesn't listen to anythying I say. If i ask her to come lay down for a nap she tells me no and screams until she falls asleep. If we're sitting down for dinner she screams and throws her food until i let her down even if she refused to eat all day. The only time she listens is if I bribe her, or if it's bathtime. I've tried everything I know to do. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Reward her for her good behavior. If you only punish her for her bad behavior, she will try to gain attention that way and will continue to act out. Have you tried time-out? The rule is age in years= mins in time out, so that would mean 2 mins in time out. Try making a good behavior chart and reward her with stickers. Do you have other children? Perhaps she is acting out in jealousy.

  • Pedinurse makes some great suggestions.... I agree with what she says. There needs to be consequence when she does something negative and positive. Make sure she understands the difference and be consistent.

  • Be consistent....whatever you try to do. She needs to understand that there are certain things that are simply not up for discussion. When she is being good, try to praise her for listening or doing a good job. Also, try to give her some more responsibility. Children this age are notorious for wanting to make their own decisions. Chances are....she is resisting you so much because she is resisting you "controlling" her. Instead of telling her that it is time for dinner, ask her if she wants peas or carrots for dinner and then let her choose. By being involved in the decisions, she may resist less and listen more.

  • let her scream iam dealing with my step daughter with that and i do put her in time outs siting down and faceing the wall

  • With my daughter who will be 2 in May, If she starts screaming or extreme acting out like that i tell her to go to her room and close the door until shis dont. At first she would stand in her room and scream for like 30 minutes at a time... now she goes in and lets out wahtever she feels she needs to and has learned to calm herself down by grabbing her stuffed animals or books or a toy and chilling b/c she knows i wont open the door for a minute or two until she stops screaming. Now she can be done in less then 5 minutes and come out of her room smiling. Personally, i feel its the best course of actuion b/c i have other children in the house so if i put her in the corner she will be able to be distracted or the other children will go up to her. Also, i think it teaches her that she is punishing herself, not me, she can make the discision of when she will be done wiht her fit and that decides how long she will have to be in her room. Just personal experience advice. Good luck either way :)