potty training =[

  • so my son is 2 1/2 yrs old and i am trying to get him potty trained. i have tried everything! and im getting a little restless. it just seems like i try really hard for him to go but he has no intrest on actually going lol. he'll sit there and i try to get him to go but as soon as i put his diaper on, he'll do it. i try to change him everytime he gets wet so he feels un comfotable if he does get wet but i dont knw how well thats working! if anyone can give me some advice that would be soooo helpful! Smile thank u..

  • Dont get discouraged some kids are just harder than others. No matter how hard you try it will be when he decides he is ready. I wouldn't go through the changing him every time he wets diapers cause if hes not completely interested that isn't gonna do anything to help him along. Just keep offering the idea but not be to pushy. One day you'll be surprised cause all of the sudden out of nowhere he will be interested just give him the time. Good luck!!♥

  • He may not actually be ready to potty train, both physically and emotionally. Boys can take longer than others....my oldest didn't potty train until he was 3 1/2. While this may seem like an eternity to you, you can not force him to potty train...you will only make yourself and him frustrated. Instead, focus on teaching him what using the potty is all about. Read him books about potty training, show him some potty videos and encourage him to use the potty or just sit on it from time to time. Talk about being a "big kid" and when he is ready it will go sooooo much smoother. Talk to your pediatrician if you are still concerned with his progress in several more months.

  • My aunt gave me some excellent advice and she has 3 boys she has potty trained. Take away the diapers till bedtime and get them to sit on the potty about every 15 min. and have them sit for about ten min. Try reading them a story, acting out a play, or something to just get them to relax. I also heard of having the kids sinking the cheerios. And of course, a reward is always great. Some MM's or something every time he successfully goes to the potty. Good luck!!

  • I agree with MommyRN4. If he is not really showing interest and enthusiasm for potty training yet, maybe you could work on getting him excited to try it! The library has all kinds of great books and dvds that you could get for him. Hang in there!
  • Our oldest just turned three, and she is Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to the potty. Sometimes she will willingly announce she has to go and will use the potty, and other times it is really worse than pulling teeth. We are working as patiently as we can to make it work, but I feel your frustration... it isn't easy!