14 month old screams

  • my 14 month old daughter is doing this high pitched screaming. i need someones advice desperately bc i cant take it no more. ive tried everything from going into another room thinking she will stop (it only gets worse) whispering to her while she does it...repeatedly telling her no dont do that...i dont know what else to do. HELP PLEASE.
  • Is she screaming and crying? Or is she screaming when she doesn't get her way? If she is crying all the time, you may need to have your pediatrician check her out. But if she is screaming when she doesn't get her way....this is normal. Unfortunately it is a phase that she will grow out of, but until then it can be very frustrating. She is undoubtedly frustrated that she can not tell you all of the things she is thinking and feeling. Try telling her the words for what she is feeling....such as "Are you upset that mommy won't let you have another cookie?..I know it makes you angry when you can't get a cookie, but you can get one after dinner. Do you want to help mommy cook dinner?" This way she is learning the words she needs to learn in order to better communicate with her. If you are still concerned about her behavior, talk to your pediatrician.

  • We had the same problem with our son, we tried everything so we thought until we found out he loves transformers so we got him the trandformer cars and just sat down and played with him, not saying that you don't play with her, we just found something interesting for him and went with it. Hes 3 now and only does it when he wants the attention.

  • She simply wants attention.. If you focus on her screaming, she will continue this behavior because she knows that this is a great way for mommy to pay attention to her, even if it is negative attention. Does she speak well? Children with speech delay often scream because they become frusterated that they cannot appropriately communicate. I would have your pediatrician evaluate her speech, refer her for a hearing evaluation, and check her for signs of autism, such as if she makes eye contact, if she makes flapping motions with her hands, etc. Prompt diagnosis leads to prompt treatment.