• Our 2-year old is not a good napper. Since we had our second baby, she wakes up at 9am and goes to sleep at 9pm but barely ever sleeps during the day. When she does, she wakes up extra cranky and doesn't fall asleep that night until 11. Since the naps don't seem to be productive for us, should we discourage her from napping during the day?

  • As long as she is getting in at least 10-11 hours at night, she may not need that extra nap.  It seems like the 12 or so hours she is getting is enough.  This may be something she does not out grow.  My eldest son was the same way, and now that he is nine, he just doesn't need as much sleep.  not sure where he gets that from, I need 7-8 hours a night, he is good with 6-7 hours.  As long as her mood, growth, etc is not affected, forgo the naps.

  • All of mine stopped taking naps at 2. If they napped then they would be up all night so I cut the nap out so they would go to bed at a decent hour. They too were always cranky after a nap.

  • My 3 year old still takes a 2 hour nap during the day and he sleeps from about 9:30 at night until 8am.  I think it just depends on the child.  If my son doesn't nap then he is extremely cranky and in a horrible mood.

  • I very much agree with all the comments posted here. If naps are a thing of the past it is ok to start "quiet time" in it's place. Quiet time means different things to different families. You can think about how this would be suit your toddler and your family. Take care, jessica
  • Ah, I like the "quiet time" idea. I have friends who have their kids play quietly in their room for at least a half hour each day. Some quiet music and books, etc. I had forgotten all about it, though, and was sort of dreading the lack of "mommy time" when naps go away. Quiet times would give me a little break. Good idea!

  • Agreed... again, it is a few months later, and we now have three kids. The only time our 3-year old naps she usually wakes up very cranky. My 2 year old is still a daily napper of at least 2 hours, and sometimes will take two naps. Now we have a 3-month old, so the ones who may need the naps the most are mom and dad!

  • I feel tired just reading this! I guess naps for your 3 year old are out. Hopefully the other two will keep napping for you!